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Things I learned on the PCT:

Thought I'd share some things the Pacific Crest Trail has taught me so far since March . (July 14, 2015)

1. There still are good people out there!
I grew up in Los Angeles for the most part everyone sucks there. I figured the whole world was like that by the time I was 15, that's not the case at all! People are more amazing than I ever imagined!

2. It's about the smiles not the miles...
Lol I stopped counting miles long ago. I don't care about putting in 30 miles a day, wtf unless you need water or something the only time I did I was just trying to get to a gas station... I really wanted a cigarette that's all!

3. Who cares...
I don't care what anyone thinks anymore, only the things and people I need to take care of matter haha wtf I wasted so much time trying to get your approval piss off if you don't like it.

4. Bears are annoying that's about it...
Yea there really just over sized raccoons that like to wake you up and run away if I see another one I'm going to try to ride the damn thing! (JK)

5. Don't count on anyone else..
No one's going to take care of your ass if your screwed, even if you have a great support team they are not there. People are great but don't count on it.

6. Cell phones suck...
Why do you spend so much time on your phone, omg there is no such thing as human contact anymore it's sad. I'm happy mine rarely works, still don't know why I have t mobile.

7. Life is also so much better without TV..
I really can't stand TV anymore, it all sucks! I'd rather watch the grass! Nearly every night I go to sleep counting satellites and shooting stars tonight so far tonight 14 and 3!

8. Don't worry so much!
I still worry about things but it's not pointless things anymore. I'd just work myself up about things for no reason.

9. Going off trail is gambling!
Seriously you might land upside down in a car or meet some of the best people. Tthink about it and it's not really a good idea to take a uhaul truck somewhere..

10. It's absolutely beautiful!
Everything from the night desert to the tallest passes are amazing!

11. I'm really out of the loop!
Wtf is what did the Fox say I heard that in Kennedy meadows, everyone was like omg yay.. seriously annoying but catchy ok?

12. Man do I love sleeping on rocks and the most random stuff...
Man can I sleep anywhere, it even amazes other hikers. yea idk I can zonk out and sleep anywhere I want grass is nice though.

13. Thought I'd have solitude...
Hahahahahah at least I found someone epic to hike with! Thought I'd be solo but this guys pretty cool Doug Carducci...

14. Damn you can get anywhere hitchhiking!
If you put your thumb up you might just get a ride on an airplane too!

15. Beards really suck in the summer..
So happy mines gone! I'm so skinny now it's ridiculous. I look like I'm 17 again, just not 290 lbs anymore. Thank god I ran away like crazy in Colorado back then!

16. I can carry 50 lbs consistently for hundreds of miles!
And I'm still proud to be un-ultralight!

17. Nevada sucks
Long story Nevada just sucks...

I could keep going but I should try to sleep! Back to satellites and shooting stars!