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Introduction to the Pacific Crest Trail

The trail's starts at the southern U.S. border with Mexico, and its northern end at the U.S.–Canada border on the edge of Manning Park in British Columbia, Canada;

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,663 mi long.

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Packing for the trip

Currently stocking up on a few last supplies and planning every step of this life changing hike.

Training for the trip

Have been training about 3-5 Miles per day training with a 65 LBS Pack. Just waiting for snow melt for the PCT hike.


Count Down...

All my gear is ready. Training is going great. Been doing a lot of training in Angeles National Forest, Simulating a 65Lbs pack for when I resupply so its easier to for me. I plan to average a 45 LBS pack. Currently working on food and packing. I will be leaving Campo on March 4th. I am the only permit holder as of now for March 4th. If something comes up, I plan to leave March 10th. I will keep you updated.

Preparing mentally

Its finally come to this. I'm so close, yet so far. Too many things have come up lately... Stressful. I escape to my dreams at night, and all I can think of is the hike. Often times I dream of the beauty of the hike. But also the dangers and thrills, my summits like: Forester Pass, Mount Whitney, Shasta, Mount Hood, along with the fact that I will be alone, which at the same time comforts me. I have my pack ready. I am ready to go. just down to taking care of things before I go.

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10 hours

Today I got the storage unit setup, with all my belongings safely stored away, including my car. All done with food for the first 6 weeks. My support team is all caught up and ready to go. Adding some tunes to the nano. And putting aside things that will be sent to me, by bounce bucket or package well past mile 700 or so. Heading for Campo in the morning. Good night.


Heading to Campo California the last time I see the ocean and I arrived in Seattle and see the Pacific Northwest almost there!

Almost there.

So all in all a lot of different things came up but got everything taken care of and I'm currently in Alpine California just close to Campo near the Mexican border to start my PCT hike to Canada.. Looks like there might be some light rain in a little breezy tonight looking like in mid forties maybe sounds nice let's see how many miles I can log tonight before I decide to camp

We hit a bit of rain.

The mexican boarder

Excited for the start of the hike.

The Pacific Crest Trail.

Mile Marker 1 on the PCT.

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