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Day 2

Nearing marina lake! Just about 30 miles on and off trail so far Data and signal is very scares more updates to come soon I'm doing great!! Thanks everyone!

Day 3

Arrival and day 1, I arrived at the southern terminus last night spend some time getting know some people in campo, met a great Border Patrol, guy named cliff, so I sign the register at exactly 9 p.m. headed up and decided to camp just above highway 94. I signed the terminus in the rain, it was just patches got pretty bad, so I decided to camp.

Back out of bed In the morning, got some info at the post office and then hung out. Getting to know everybody at the supply store, the green store, by the way they only have 1 large can of white gas naphtha, they're selling it by the ounce to still help out. So I picked a little up but they should have some soon they said, also every stream I crossed dead dry plan accordingly but all in all a great first day.

Its really cool I already have people signing my flags, meeting some wonderful people. I did so far about 30 miles I spent about a better part of the day just getting some exercise in, getting my weight balance with my heavy pack. There is no water between campo and marina lake, good thing I brought 6 liters. Only water I've seen since campo ugh. Found the coolest tucked away place between boulders near a summit. I bet waking up will be awesome I have signal out here. keep you guys updated

- IRONMAN out mi 5.5

Going to sleep under the moonlight I love it

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